Cascadia Sprinklers

Our Strength

Our Commitment

Cascadia is a member of the Irrigation Industry Association  of British Columbia. Our technitions are all fully trained, experienced and professional so you know you’re placing your yard in the care of professional, knowledgeable hands.

 Cascadia Sprinklers will turn your yard or business into a showcase. Beautiful lawns, gardens and yard lighting will highlight your landscaping and showcase your property.

We warranty and maintain all of our systems, respond quickly to all of your needs and concerns. and ensure your satisfaction, We use only the best quality products  and pride ourelves in providing excellent customer service.

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Cascadia will start up,  winterize,  maintain your irrigation system every year, and respond to your growing needs by adjusting your system as your landscaping matures.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Free Quote on new systems
When creating you your installation quote we will view your property to determine soil condition, water source, pressure and planting material. We will develop and present you with a formal estimate that is thorough and details the products and total price for materials and installation.


Rainwater Harvesting

Due to the world’s widespread water woes, water experts everywhere are advocating the process of water harvesting—capturing, diverting and storing non-potable, or “reclaimed,” water for landscape irrigation and a variety of other uses.

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