Cascadia Sprinklers


Choosing the right contractor is an important decision. The contractor will design and install your automatic sprinkler system, and will ensure the right components are used for each part of your landscape.


giving you your installation quote we will view your property to determine soil condition, water source, pressure and planting material. We will develop and present you with a formal estimate that is thorough and details the products and total price for materials and installation.


Cascadia Sprinklers will install, maintain, and warranty your new system.
• free estimates on new installations 
• free fall shut down with each installation 
• one year warranty on new systems (parts and labour) 
• quick response time for maintenance and service
Drip Lines
Drip irrigation is a great way to save water and keep your plants healthy and thriving. Drip technology has come a long way since those old soaker hoses. Unlike soaker hoses that are made from porous recycled rubber, landscape dripline is extruded from high quality polyethylene material to help it last longer under the sun’s harsh UV rays.  Water drips out slowly and precisely from special drip emitters and it slowly spreads throughout the soil to evenly water your plants right at the roots. 
Your baskets and containers will thrive with the addition of micro sprayers to ensure they get the water they need on hot summer days. Using an irrigation system you can ensure all parts of your garden get just the right amount of water to look their very best.

The right lighting creates a welcoming and relaxing ambiance for the your patio and yard. Professionally designed and installed low voltage lights create focus and atmosphere rather than simply providing a light source for your yard. Cascadia will create a lighting plan and install your lights using high quality fixtures that are built to last.


Adding landscape lighting creates curb appeal that showcases your home or business. Use low voltage lighting to accent front gardens, your pool, deck, trees, water features and stone work.  Using landscape lighting deters potential theft and provide safe passage around your yard. Yard lighting brings the outdoors in creating outdoor spaces to entertain and relax in - day or night.

An irrigation system uses zones to water gardens, trees, and lawns at different intervals. Water your lawn following municipal conservation shedules as you sleep and your gardens and baskets daily to ensure your flowerbeds look their best. Rain water recovery systems can be established to conserve water. 

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